RF Wireless Charging and Dehumidification

Hearing Supporter WirelessCharging & Dehumidification Set

The World's First Hearing Device Set Supporting RF Wireless Charging and Dehumidification Simultaneously

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Ergonomic Invisible Design

Ergonomic Invisible Design According to The Shape Line of The Ear Using Shape Memory Alloy

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Minimual Design

Lightweight (3.2g) and 1.4x 0.3 inch (Top view) Ergonomically Comfortable Design for All Day Wear

One Button for Multi Funtions

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WattUp RF Wireless Charging

No Need Battery to swap out!

Wireless Charging & Dehumidifier Simultaneously

Average Dehumidifier Temperature : 110 F

Average Charging Time < 3 hr

Average Continuous Working Time > 13 hr

Predefined 6 Different Fitting Preset

20 Volume Steps

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Adjusting the Hearing Loss Program and Volume

- To change the program, Simply press the Button for 1 second

- To change the volume, Simple press the Button for 0.5 second

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Fitting Your Ear and Ear Hole

Medium: 1.15 ~ 1.25 inch

Large: 1.35 ~ 1.45 inch

Choose 3 Different Silicon Size

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