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Soft Hearing Aid

Hear For The Moments™

Introducing our first wirelessly charged Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP). The world’s most convenient and easy-to-use PSAP.

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Amplify Your Life

The Oasis-RC PSAP amplifies environmental sound for people who experience difficulty hearing in certain situations; indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. From concerts, movie theaters, school plays or recitals, hiking, and more, the Oasis-RC from Delight will intensify your experience.

Small, Discreet, Powerful

The Oasis-RC packs impressive features in a sleek ergonomic shape that weighs only 3 grams! Enjoy powerful sound without anyone even noticing your PSAP.

Enhanced Activity

The Oasis-RC is a great way to augment your favorite activities. PSAPs can provide enhanced sounds in all types of indoor and outdoor environments.