Delight is a company specializing
in Hearing Aids in Korea 

Since 2010, Delight has been committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that support those with hearing impediments and are accessible for all.

1. Hearing Aid Standardization

Delight has obtained a patent for standardizing hearing aids by measuring and averages of multiple ear sizes and depths. Hearing Aid standardization is the driving force behind the ability to sell hearing aids at an affordable price by lowering the unit cost of parts

2. 3D Print Technology

Delight introduced 3D scanner and 3D printing technology in 2011 to manufacture hearing aids. Hearing aid production through 3D equipment enables mass customization, making it possible to
produce hearing aids that better fit the shape of each individual's ear. In addition, the low unit costs of mass production avoid premium prices, and allow for quick  remanufacturing of hearing aids in case of loss by storing scan data of ear bones.