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The Oasis-RC Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP), designed in partnership with SK Telesys, delivers the boost of sound you would expect from a traditional hearing aid, at a fraction of the traditional hearing aid cost. Having trouble hearing in loud, crowded places, or are you constantly raising your Television volume? These can be early signs that a PSAP may be to your benefit.

The Oasis-RC PSAP is a next generation hearing product that features WattUp® wireless charging from Energous Corporation. With WattUp, users simply place the Oasis-RC PSAP on the included charging pad to charge, eliminating the tedious and often frustrating chore of frequent battery replacement. The Oasis-RC PSAP amplifies environmental sounds for users who experience difficulty hearing during certain situations, such as at home, workplace or the outdoors.

2022 Version NEW SOFTWARE!!!

1 Year WARRANTY, Free Repair or Replacements

Size Information :

  • Medium :  1.15 ~ 1.25 inch
  • Large :       1.35 ~ 1.45 inch

About the Product:

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Wirelessly Charged! No batteries to swap out!
  • Multi-function adjustable modes for better hearing assistance
  • Easy-to-use on and off buttons
  • Lightweight (3.2g) and ergonomically comfortable design for all day wear
  • Various noise reduction features including adaptive feedback cancellation, adaptive noise reduction, background noise reduction and wind noise reduction

    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion High Capacity Battery
    • WDRC / Band Channels: 16ch / 33band
    • Adaptive Noise Reduction
    • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
    • Background Noise Reduction
    • Max 6 Program Memories
    • Multi Function Push Button (Volume, Program change)
    • Tone Sequence or Voice alerts (Volume Up/Down, Volume Max/Min, Low battery, Memory change)
    • Adaptive Directional Microphone

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